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Ocean & Inland Freight

Ocean transportation is the backbone of most global freight forwarding and key in optimising your supply chain. With us you are in safe hands. We are not ship owners, but transport managers who work closely with an extensive portfolio of global and regional carriers, providing you with the best solutions. Many of the world’s best known companies use us as their logistics partner of choice when delivering overseas.

  • Local expertise and superior customer service

  • Access to services from first class global carriers and regional niche carriers 

  • Centralised ocean procurement ensuring competitive rates and terms 

  • Multiple carrier solutions departing daily 

  • Available capacity and space protection with multiple carriers 

  • Pick-up, delivery and distribution

Port Captain/Supercargo

Port Captains/Supercargoes of our company are professionals with years of experience in this field all over the world. They are specialists with higher marine education and sufficient practice on large capacity vessels. The main duty of Port Captain/Supercargo is to protect the clients' interests, save their time, and warn them against extra expenses. Large experience of our Port Captains/ Supercargoes allows to foresee and caution the client against undesirable situation on board the ship. Constant supervision for the proper stowage, separation, and lashing of the cargo is a guarantee of quick and safe cargo operations, this is a safe navigation and cargo delivery to the port of destination. Daily reports and photos with competent comments and advices will show you a real situation on board the ship.

Marine Services

We provide surveying services and expert advice on marine engineering matters such as port research, port information, marine surveys, to all the shipping industries, ship owners, ship managers,  hull and machinery underwriters, ship's agents, charterers, and ship yards.

As an independent marine consultancy based in Turkey, the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Middle East, Northern Africa, European Seas and operating worldwide, we are to provide independent advice at reasonable cost.

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